Lucy Rainbow

Inspired by a love of mid- century design Lucy creates deceptively simple, elegant repeats for soft furnishings. Lucy combines her extensive knowledge and love of traditional screen printing processes with a unique design sensibility. Her work is bold and confident and striking in it's geometry.

Based in Walthamstow and a graduate of London Metropolitan University Lucy is currently studying at the prestigious Royal College of Art. She was recently awarded the Robin and Lucienne Day Prize for Ethical and Sustainable Design, highlighting her passion and commitment to socially responsible and sustainable process and design.

We were first drawn to Lucy's work when we met her at London Met, the design we selected for the Flock collection; 'Aldgate East' was originally a sketch stuffed in a box under Lucy's bed! It was part of a development in a hat making project from her degree using the local area as inspiration, hence the name of her design. We fell in love with the pattern's beautifully simple geometry and sharp line. We also loved Lucy's approach to printing and her emphasis on sustainable processes, something which is integral to Flock.

Lucy Rainbow.



Jenny Wingfield