Touching Elbows

Touching Elbows is a new collaboration between artists and illustrators Kate Gibb and William Edmonds. It is a project focussed on the trading of ideas, forms, colours, patterns, thoughts and the intermingling of practises built on mutual respect and admiration, as well as friendship. Kate and Will work collaboratively together to create beautiful prints that develop through a silk screen layering process, creating artworks full of texture, depth and intrigue.

Kate is a silkscreen obsessive and inspired by processes that utilise chance, hiccups and happy accidents, she is very much open to exploring and the results of working in this playful way. Will has a background in illustration and his practise is concerned with drawing but this can often manifest in other forms such as ceramics, sculpture and sound.

We first found Touching Elbows through Kate's beautiful sleeve cover art works and we were drawn in by the incredible layering and texture created in these designs. Touching Elbows are the newest addition to the Flock collective, joining us in Spring 2016 with their 2 bold and and beautiful fabric designs created through screen print layering, then recoloured and repeated digitally to create playful and dynamic textiles for interiors.

Kate Gibb 

Will Edmonds

Jenny Wingfield